Welcome to a New World of Candlelight!

Heliotron-Ewigbrenner® is our brand for churches, ecclesiastical institutions &
funeral homes for over 40 years.

Discover our wide range of products: No matter if for funeral home accessories, candle shells or premium candle shells with Heliotron-Ewigbrenner® as liquid wax insert, windlights, votive lights und votive light tables, sanctuary oil lamps, massive wax altar candles, pillar candles or our unique “Heliostab” which helps you light and extinquish your candles. Here you’ll find all the information about our products.


Safety Candle Shell With the Original Heliotron Liquid Wax Candle

Safety Candle Shells driven by our Heliotron Liquid Wax Candles come with a burn-time of up to 45 hours: The versatile candle which does not drip or leave wax-stains!

Votive Lights and
Votive Light Tables

Find out more about our broad range of votive lights and votive light stands as well as our unique Olivon® Votive Light made of infused candle wax with plant-based components.


Windlights with Original Heliotron Liquid Wax Insert

You can easily and flexibly decorate our windlights in combination with our Heliotron Liquid Wax Candles.

Lumis and Cara

Lumis and Cara are especially suitatble to decorate your premises or table-decoration during funeral services. Our candles are ready for transportation immediately after the flame has been extinquished.


All Products for Your Church

Besides our newly created product brochures you’ll find our product catalog with a wide range of items for your church and ecclesiastical institution.

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