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A whole new world of candlelight

For thousands of years, candlelight has represented magical moments and in many cultures it has a very special religious significance. It has always enchanted people and created an atmosphere for unforgettable moments. The burning flame of real candlelight creates harmony and can evoke distant memories. Candlelight is versatile, wonderfully beautiful and eternal. Candlelight gives a sense of safety, love and passion all at the same time.

With this love for candlelight, we work every day to create products which highlight the special features of true candlelight, make our customers’ days that little bit brighter, and foster an atmosphere for unforgettable moments with the warmth of natural candlelight. Discover our wide range of products divided into the product segments outlined above: “Gastronomy & Hospitality Industries”, “Churches & Ecclesiastical Institutions” and “Funeral Parlors.” Be inspired by the variety and quality of real candlelight.

Timeless design.
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Innovative. Safe. Clean. Liquid!

Real candlelight is irreplaceable! It is precisely for this reason that our employees have been working for many years to develop products that have all the positive features of traditional wax candles, but eliminate their negative features as much as possible.

What kind of candle could give off hardly any smoke, be safe because it extinguishes when it tips over, and be so clean that it leaves no ugly, difficult to remove residue on tables, tablecloths or candleholders? The answer is simple…

…it would be liquid. Liquid wax candles offer some key advantages over conventional wax candles. Along with the practically infinite variety of different versions, liquid wax burns almost smoke- or odorless. Stubborn wax stains or drips are eliminated. Regardless of how long the candle has been burning, they never completely burn down. They therefore always look as clean and beautiful as a brand new candle when lit. The majority of our liquid wax candles can be used outdoors or in a draft, which conventional wax candles are not able to cope with.

FlexiLight Suono

The advantages of liquid wax

High quality

The products are made to strict quality standards and have optimum burning properties. All liquid wax products are produced at our factory in Germany.

Burning time

Our liquid wax candles can burn for up to 100 hours. This saves you a lot of work in changing candles that have burnt down.


All the dangers of burnt down candles are eliminated. When the liquid wax candles tip over, the flame goes out immediately due to its special wick retainer. The containers are not pressurized and are leak-proof.


No more wax stains! Nothing can drip out of or down the original liquid wax candle when it is closed. Regardless of how long the candle has been burning, it always seems like new.

Shelf Life

Liquid wax candles can be stored for a practically unlimited period of time. They can even be used in relatively high ambient temperatures or in direct sunlight with no trouble at all.


Liquid wax candles are available in various different shapes, sizes and colors. There are also three different flame sizes available to suit any lighting needs.

Produces almost no odor or smoke

Due to the particular purity of this high-quality liquid wax, the candle burns almost odorless and with a very low level of smoke compared to regular candles.

Value for money

In many cases, using liquid wax candles is effectively cheaper than using traditional candles, and is also an enormous time-saver for you and your employees due to its ease of use.

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Heliotron® Long-Life Candles with
decorative safety covers

Exceptionally versatile. Candles for churches & funeral parlors

Particularly in the field of the church and ecclesiastical institutions, as well as for funeral homes, the safety and cleanliness of real candlelight is a top priority. Here, the use of conventional candles is often associated with a lot of drawbacks, whether they are for altar candles in churches or wax candles in candlesticks at funeral services. In order to combat these drawbacks, we have developed the Heliotron® Safety Candle Shell including its Liquid Wax Candle, for this sector.

A candle which looks and feels deceptively like a real candle, but which combines the advantages of our tried and tested liquid wax principle. Of course, as an all-round supplier with around 40 years of experience in church candles, we also offer an extensive range of traditional solid wax candles, altar candles, votive lights, paschal candles and several accessories for the religious sector without limitation.

Anything for the Church!
Liquid wax candles, solid wax candles,
altar candles & votive candles

These are our qualities

Personal customer service

A personal customer service representative is always available to provide advice and support for every one of our customers, both on site and in our inside sales team. This means that any issues you have can be resolved quickly.
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Best product availability

We guarantee the best product availability at all times. Around 98% of our whole range is always available in stock and can be delivered to you within 48 hours of your order.

Quality guarantee

Many of the wax candles that we sell have been made in accordance with the strict quality requirements of the German association KERZEN e.V.


No matter what your requirements are. We always have the right solution for you. Whether it’s a specific height or an individual candle holder for your funeral service.

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