Our company values form the basis for successful cooperation. They allow us to place maximum trust in our employees, which lays the foundation for independent, entrepreneurial actions. Our company culture forms the supporting pillars for this, which gives every employee the freedom they need to develop personally and professionally. Get a comprehensive overview of life at Heliotron, the Heliotron family, how we work and much more…

Why Heliotron

A good work-life balance is very important in today’s working world. Juggling work, family and free time is a challenge for every employee. We recognize the importance of this. We support our employees in this challenge and give them the option to organize their working hours on a flexitime basis.



Are you a single parent with children, lots of other commitments and a diary that’s filled with more than just work? No problem… You will love our flexitime working hours, because to a large extent you will be able to work when it best suits you.

We listen and always give our employees and team leaders the opportunity to make constructive changes and to make the best possible decisions for their team – this is how our flexitime model arose, and it offers our employees considerable freedom with regards to organizing their working hours.

Our employees benefit from the fact that we have a very clear understanding of working time. This means that in most of the company’s divisions, working hours can largely be designed to suit you. There is no such thing as a traditional start time for work with this model. Every employee decides themselves when they carry out their work duties and when they will be most productive.

Do you need to work from home? Or would you prefer to leave a little earlier and then do a couple more hours in the evening after having dinner with the family? If the work allows it, then no problem!
Along with this flexitime model, with us it is also possible to take a seasonal temporary job (spring, winter, Christmas). We are also happy to offer school and university students the opportunity to start working with us directly or as part of a paid internship for a minimum of 3 months, or as part of a student job to get their first taste of the working world.

To summarize, the following options are available depending on the position:

  • Flexible time management in terms of work start and end times
  • Flexibility in time and duration of breaks
  • Opportunity to take time off in lieu at any time, for example to deal with important personal or family matters during the working day
  • Collect hours in your “working hours account” and use them flexibly to take off in lieu
  • Flexibility to to change the weekly working hours in your contract at any time
  • Option to work from home occasionally

Your work is usually carried out in a team, meaning you just need to tell your colleagues in advance if your working hours are going to change.


To accommodate this flexible model for working hours, we give our employees the following options where required:

  • Company cell phone (smartphone)
  • Company laptop or tablet
  • Working with and in the Cloud
  • Video conferencing and remote diagnostics
  • VPN access to the company network

Are you involved with social initiatives and need to take some time out for your voluntary work? Are you planning a trip around the world and still want to have a job afterwards?
No problem. From sabbaticals to unpaid holidays, you will have every different type of option with us.

Sport & Events

We do everything we can to offer our employees a pleasant working environment that is fun to work in. Whether it’s with sporting events or a cozy get-together. It’s the taking part that counts, and just as the motto says: Happy employees = Happy customers!

We often take a break from our work to take part in team-building activities that make people happy. Whether it’s sport with colleagues, cultural events, going to the cinema together or just a cozy get-together like our weekly Employee Brunch every Monday, or the monthly barbecue in the summer months where we all enjoy a longer lunch break for some tasty food from the grill, salad and other little treats.


Of course, our colleagues in Field Sales don’t miss out either. Along with the travel incentives, where a trip takes place every year if the team meets their targets, there is also a Team Week up to twice a year which allows everyone to learn from each other’s experiences. Along with an informal working atmosphere, we go over the achievements of the day together over a nice dinner in the evening.

We love this combination of free time, fun and work. This is what makes us who we are and ensures we have a great team spirit.

Along with our company’s internal social network which our employees use to discuss ideas every day, you can also find some pictures from the events on our  HALLO HELIOTRON Page.

Something different

Along with varied tasks, we try to give our employees the opportunity to independently implement their own projects that will drive the company or our community forwards. For this, every employee is required to participate constructively and help shape developments to drive our company forward and make it an even better place to be.

Tired of being in a stuffy office? Our employees have a modern, colorful outdoor area at their disposal, which can be used for informal socializing or to do a couple of hours work in the fresh air.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company’s aim is, of course, to make a profit, but from our point of view this should not be the only goal that we pursue. This is why we feel a duty to adhere to the following ideals, and we try to make sure these influence our work and our decisions at work every day!

Improving the value of the community through team-building activities

Conveying values and integrity

Employee development

Integrating marginal groups and diversity

Upholding and complying with human rights

Environmental protection


We are a fast growing company. Just as fast as we are growing, our challenges grow as well, and every single one of us rises to them and we continuously change our responsibilities to match this. We love change and we see it as a necessary thing to help us develop further.

Changes to fields of responsibility come with newly created jobs, which we try to fill internally wherever possible. This means that in principle, every one of our employees gets things moving and takes on new tasks and new responsibilities. The prerequisite for this is ambition, a hard-working attitude and an ability to take your own initiative, as well as the self-confidence required to develop with your challenges. The door is open to everyone, whether it’s in our management team or sales team.

This is why every one of our employees, regardless of which department they are in, can apply for any job within our company. Another opportunity is our company’s internal internship which gives employees the opportunity to try out a new position as part of a 3-month internship to acquire new skills.

Our sales roles in particular provide an infinite range of prospects. So our strong team structure ensures that there are constant opportunities for further development, even across borders to other countries, and ultimately to create a multicultural team.

Within the first 3 months in a new position, there is always an experienced employee on hand as a mentor, ensuring that the new employee is integrated easily and without any problems.


Whether it’s formal or informal. Communication is one of the most important components of our company culture. We stick firmly to the motto: We can only change things by talking about them.

In this respect, communication is required from every individual and is also continuously encouraged through our regular informal events. Along with informal communication, every employee has1-2 annual target and feedback meetings, depending on the job, in order to recognize potential for development at an early stage or iron out any inconsistencies quickly and in a straightforward manner.

We have an internal company social network to exchange day to day experiences, which enables our colleagues in Field Sales to be kept in the loop at all times and stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening.

As a reference point for everyone across the company, our employees have access to our comprehensive intranet which can answer practically any question you might need to ask.

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