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The heart of every FlexiLight table lamp is formed by the see-through liquid wax insert (liquid wax refill). The genuine, pure, liquid wax burns almost soot- and odorless. The liquid wax candle is not pressurized and is completely leak-proof. Wax droplets are eliminated. Available with a burning time of 30 to 100 hours.


The liquid wax insert disappears completely underneath the dishwasher-safe safety-deco-sleeve made from high quality aluminum, which is available in a variety of colors. So you can find the right colored cover for every interior. If the candle tips over, the cover slides over the wick and the flame goes out.


The see-through liquid wax insert and the decorative cover will fit into the many of the available lamp bases. Whether it's for a pizzeria, a traditional pub or a gourmet restaurant, there are a wide variety of table light designs available to match every taste, every decor and every occasion.

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The crowning glory to the FlexiLight table lamp are its mouth-blown glass lamp shades, which come in different shapes, sizes and designs and can be combined flexibly to match table lights, protecting the flame from external influences like wind or drafts. In addition, using glass shades also prevents children from directly touching the flame.

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