FlexiLight® purchase options

Are you looking for an all-round, care-free package for candlelight?

Make the most of our new FlexiLight purchasing options which adapt to your individual needs.
With FlexiLight free and FlexiLight PLUS, we aim to offer flexibility and real added value to our customers. With our new purchasing options, our table lights (or lamps), glass shades and safety deco sleeves are made available to you free of charge. As a FlexiLight PLUS customer, you can enjoy our comprehensive customer service by phone, a price guarantee and regular deliveries that are flexibly suited to your needs in terms of liquid wax inserts – of, course with free postage and packaging.
Our standard FlexiLight PLUS agreement usually runs for 24 months, but it can also be canceled at any time on a monthly basis before the standard expiry date.
Don’t want to commit? Then choose our unique purchasing option FlexiLight free for the greatest flexibility.

Free table lights

Free table lights

Free postage & packaging

Can be canceled at the end of any month

Cheaper than buying individually

Price guarantee

On-time delivery


FlexiLight Product Benefits

FlexiLight liquid wax candles are a clean and economical alternative to conventional candles and tea lights. Due to their ease of use and a burning time of up to 100 hours, they are an enormous time-saver for you and your service staff. Wax stains caused by burnt-down candles are a thing of the past with FlexiLight. Our liquid wax candles produce very little soot or odor when burning and, with the variety of possible combinations, can match any atmosphere.

  • FlexiLight Product Benefits
  • Free table lights
  • Discount on liquid wax inserts
  • Free replacement glasses
  • Free safety deco sleeves
  • Delivery with free post & packaging
  • Price guarantee
  • Variable purchase volumes
  • Flexible delivery times
  • Regular deliveries
  • Length of agreement
  • Can be canceled at the end of any month
  • Automatic cancellation

* 50% discount
**or until the agreed consumption quantity has been used up.


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