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Cumbersome wax stains, constantly having to change candles or tea lights, and mountains of discarded, burnt-out tea light shells and half-burnt candles will all be a thing of the past with FlexiLight liquid wax candles. And even artificial LED candles cannot replace real candlelight. That’s why we have created an alternative with FlexiLight candles, which have a real flame that burns for up to 100 hours, making your daily work in the restaurant, hotel lobby or bar so much brighter.

Why Choose FlexiLight?

High Quality

The products are made to strict quality standards and have optimum burning properties. All FlexiLight liquid wax products are produced at our factory in Germany.

Burning time

FlexiLight liquid wax candles can burn for up to 100 hours. This eliminates the need to change candles that have burnt out after just a few hours.


All the dangers of regular wax candles are eliminated. When FlexiLight candles tip over, the flame goes out immediately due to its special wick retainer. The see-through liquid wax containers are not pressurized and are leak-proof.


No more wax stains! Nothing can drip out of or down the original FlexiLight liquid wax candle when it is closed. Regardless of how long the candle has been burning, it always looks brand-new.

Shelf Life

FlexiLight liquid wax candles can be stored for a practically unlimited period of time. They can be used in high ambient temperatures or in direct sunlight with no trouble at all.


Our liquid wax candles are available in various different shapes, sizes and colors. There are also three different flame sizes available to suit any atmosphere or lighting requirement.

Odorless & almost sootless

Due to the particular purity of this high-quality liquid wax, the candle burns almost without emitting any odor and with a very low level of soot compared to regular candles.

Value for money

Using FlexiLight liquid wax candles is effectively cheaper than using traditional candles and tea lights, and is also an enormous time-saver for you and your waiters or waitresses due to its ease of use.


FlexiLight In Direct Comparison With Our Competitors In Germany

  • Leaving wax stains
  • Flame goes out on tip over
  • Different Flame Sizes
  • Burning Time*
  • Insensitive to sunrays
  • Number of Decorativ Covers
  • Almost Sootless
  • Odorless
  • See the content
  • Personal customer service
  • Liquid Wax Candles Made in Germany

() = restricted
*  data of manufacturer
**informations as of March 2016

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