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In the sunniest part of Germany, between the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains, lies the tranquil little town of Freiburg im Breisgau, where our company has its head office. Here, close to the French and Swiss borders, at the edge of one of the most beautiful wine regions in the country, different cultures come together and create a breeding ground for creativity and inspiration.

For over 40 years, the Heliotron® brand has stood for top class, quality products, reliability and excellent service. During this time, we have evolved into a market leader for innovative liquid wax products both in Germany and abroad, and we have a product range which is practically unbeatable in terms of variety.

Our company thrives on the people that make it. They are what makes all the difference. Every day they work on great products that make our customers’ working day that little bit brighter, and they create unforgettable moments. Teamwork is a big thing for us, and every one of our employees puts their all into taking part. Whether it’s in sales, product development and production, administration or in marketing.

We live for what we do – and we do it with great care and attention to detail.

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At the very beginning, we were a collection of different people from different places and with different points of view. People with a wide range of backgrounds who formed a team. We believe that our products are unique and that they can make our customers lives a little bit brighter, as well as give many people some magical moments. We believe that candlelight can do this and we work on presenting candlelight in its most beautiful and most favorable form. We are firmly convinced that working together in a team can create the best, most effective solutions.

Heliotron has created a company culture that doesn’t try to force itself into any kind of traditional corset, and often favors new ways over established ones. We achieve this by always questioning our own methods and procedures and try to draw conclusions from decisions that have been made. We do this by keeping our eyes on the goal of offering our customers the best possible solutions and offering our employees the best possible working environment, which is characterized by joy and appreciation.

Professionalism and smooth processes are a given with us, and they are a fundamental requirement for future growth and sustainable success. However, we believe it is equally, if not more important to encourage active entrepreneurial decision-making.


Our Business Divisions

Our product range is divided into three business divisions: Gastronomy & Hospitality Industries, Church & Ecclesiastical Institutions, and Funeral Parlors & Cemeteries. These include table lights with liquid wax for the gastronomic sector, liquid wax and solid wax candles, votive lights and accessories for churches, monasteries and ecclesiastical institutions, as well as candlesticks, candle holders, candles and accessories for funeral parlors and cemeteries.

The Company

Flexilight Logo by Heliotron

Brand for the Gastronomy & Hospitality Industries division

Ewigbrenner by Heliotron - Bildmarke

Brand for the Church &
Ecclesiastical Institutions division

Funeral Parlors & Cemeteries

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Every day, every single one of our employees contributes something to our overall success story, and they do this by keeping in mind the 11 values that join us together…

  • Be loyal, open and honest
  • Create unforgettable, positive customer experiences
  • Be adventurous, creative and open-minded
  • Create joy and be different
  • Be open to change – see it as a challenge which you can rise to
  • Be determined and passionate
  • Take responsibility and make decisions
  • Always continue learning and think outside the box
  • Do more with less
  • Be modest and think about the long term
  • Use communication as the key to open and honest relationships

Direct sales is always characterized by direct, personal contact between the supplier and customer, which facilitates a mutual exchange of information and which is combined with strong advice for the customer.

Why direct sales?

We believe that even in today’s digital age, with online shopping, social media and interactive information processing, interpersonal relationships play a crucial role.

Although many suppliers are moving away from traditional sales for cost or complexity reasons, we see people as the key component to our business relationships.

For us, the person is the main focus and as such, we want to get to know them personally and convince them personally of our products, our philosophy and our service. We want to provide our customers with a personal point of contact, both on site and on the phone, who can be contacted at any time if they have any requests, suggestions or criticism, and who endeavors to resolve issues as quickly as possible and to the customer’s full satisfaction.


We see direct sales as the only sales tool that is able to achieve this. This is why we use direct sales every day. Particularly when selling products that require more explanation, direct sales is the only way that the customer can see the product they are interested in on site and try it out for themselves.



At the customer’s premises

We go to the customer and give them comprehensive advice. Customers have the opportunity to test the product on their own premises to see whether the use of our products is suitable for their environment.

Better advice

By visiting a customer in person, our customer representatives can ensure that the product being presented perfectly fits the desired purpose, both visually and in terms of use.

Direct point of contact

Every single one of our customers can turn to their personal point of contact in our customer service department, both on site and by phone, to swiftly resolve any issues.

Optimum customer relations

Our employees visit our customers at regular intervals to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with our products. And if a problem does arise, it can be addressed straight away and fixed immediately.

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