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Heliotron is already represented in many countries around the world. Some of the most renowned hotels & restaurants as well as churches and ecclesiastical institutions rely on our high-quality products and our extensive range of liquid wax candles and conventional wax candles, altar candles or votive lights.

In order to offer a more comprehensive customer-service to our end customer and to gain new customers in areas where we are not yet represented, we invite you to apply for a distribution partnership with our company, either as a general import agent (selling to other resellers and customers directly) or or as a reseller (purchasing from one of our import agents and selling to end customers).

We’re excited to get to know you, your company and your ambitious goal to sell our products.

Please fill out the form below. We will be in touch shortly to discuss the possibilities of a potential cooperation.

    Are you already selling other brands of liquid wax candles?

    Are you interested in representing our FlexiLight products for the hospitality industry or are you looking to represent our church sector?
    Reseller for hotel & restaurant suppliesReseller for church / funeral supplies

    Are you looking for a possibility as a general importer of our products or do you seek to be a reseller?
    I want to be your general importerI want to be your reseller

    In which country do you seek to sell our products?


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